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Chenopodium simplex   (Torr. ) Raf.
[=Chenopodium gigantospermum Aellen]
Cowley County, Kansas
Height: 1-5 feet
Family: Amaranthaceae - Amaranth Family
Flowering Period:   July, August, September
Stems: Erect, simple or branched above, glabrous.
Leaves: Cauline, alternate; petiole .4 to 2.8 inches; blade ovate to triangular or deltate, 1.4 to 6 inches long, .8 to 3.6 inches wide, 3-veined from base, base cordate to rounded or truncate, margins usually coarsely sinuate-dentate, sometimes entire on upper leaves, tip acute to acuminate, surfaces glabrous.
Inflorescences: Glomerules in terminal and axillary spikes and panicles.
Flowers: Tepals 5, fused at base, lobes ovate to lanceolate, ca. 1/25 inch, obscurely keeled along midvein, partially covering fruit at maturity; stamens 5; styles 2; stigmas 2.
Fruits: Achenes, depressed-ovoid; pericarp adherent, smooth; seeds horizontal, black, lenticular.
Habitat: Disturbed oak-hickory woodlands, thickets, disturbed and shaded sites
Distribution: Occurs nearly statewide
Origin: Native
Comments: Chenopodium, goose and foot, alluding to the shape of the leaves of some species.

Maple-leaf goosefoot inflorescence
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Cowley County, Kansas
Maple-leaf goosefoot inflorescence
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Cowley County, Kansas
Maple-leaf goosefoot
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Cowley County, Kansas
Maple-leaf goosefoot leaf
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Brown County, Kansas
Maple-leaf goosefoot stem
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Brown County, Kansas