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Monarda punctata  L.  var. occidentalis  (Epling ) Palmer & Steyermark
Reno County, Kansas
Annual or short-lived perennial
Height: 6-20 inches
Family: Lamiaceae - Mint Family
Flowering Period:   June, July, August, September
Also Called: Dotted beebalm, horse mint.
Stems: Erect, branched, pubescent.
Leaves: Opposite, narrowly oblong or elliptic to lanceolate, 4/5 to 2 inches long, 1/8 to 1/2 inch wide, surfaces dotted, sparsely pubescent; margins toothed to nearly entire, fringed; tips pointed; nearly sessile or stalks to 3/5 inch.
Inflorescences: Spike, interrupted; flower heads 1-6, 3/5 to 1 inch wide excluding corollas; bracts subtending heads oblong, elliptic, or egg-shaped, .6 to 1.6 inch long, 1/4 to 3/5 inch wide, spreading or slightly bent downward, whitish or pinkish-purplish, finely-hairy above, variously pubescent to nearly glabrous below; margins usually toothed near tip; tips tapering to sharp points.
Flowers: Each flower subtended by linear bract 1/6 to 1/3 inch long; calyx tubular, pubescent, stiff-hairy in throat, 5-toothed; teeth triangular, spreading, fringed; corolla 2-lipped, white to purplish; upper lip erect, sickle-shaped, strongly arched, helmut-like, hairy above; lower lip 2/5 to 4/5 inch long, often with dark purple spots, sparsely stiff-hairy at base; stamens 2, included under upper lip.
Fruits: Nutlets 4, oblong or egg-shaped, smooth, brown, each 1-seeded.
Habitat: Open sites, prairies, pastures, old fields, roadsides; dry, sandy soils.
Distribution: West 2/3 of Kansas.
Forage Value: Cattle will not graze this plant.
Uses: Native Americans used spotted beebalm in treatments of fevers, colds, headaches, and stomach cramps. At one time, an antiseptic used to treat internal parasites was dervived from this plant.
Comments: Spotted beebalm sometimes forms extensive stands. The tiny dots on the leaf surface secret a volatile oil.

Western spotted beebalm bracts and flowers
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Reno County, Kansas
Western spotted beebalm inflorescences
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Reno County, Kansas
Western spotted beebalm leaves
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Reno County, Kansas
Western spotted beebalm flowers
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Sandsage Bison Range, Finney County, Kansas
Western spotted beebalm
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Sandsage Bison Range, Finney County, Kansas